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Bouncy Castle Hire Billericay

The mats should be properly positioned at the sides of the castle if in any cases of mishaps may happen. However if you have set up the bouncy castle where the ground is soft say in the beach, these is no need to add an extra mat for protection. There should be at least one present attendant supervising the activity. The bouncy castle should not be overcrowded. There should be a minimum number of children to play inside the bouncer. All bouncy castles have a maximum load to be strictly followed. The parent looking after the activity should let the children play per batches and not all at the same time.

Inflatable Hire Billericay

Using an inflatable for hire exudes safety guidelines. If you get themed bouncy castles in Grays or bouncy castle hire in Grays, a list of proper use should be practiced for the safety of everyone playing the bouncer. Here are some guides:

  • The children of different ages should not be mixed together. You should take note that there are small children who want to play the bouncer and if you combine bigger children with the smaller ones, they might get hurt. Another thing to remember, whenever kids get to play the bouncer, sometimes they forget that there are other kids playing the bouncer as well. They become excited and want to try out a stunt of their own.
  • The children present inside the bouncer should be free of any jewelry or any sharp objects on their clothing like their shoes, belts and the likes. These sharp objects may hurt other kids if they get in contact with it and may also bring about some holes on the castle that will somehow deflate the castle.
  • An attendant should always be present in overseeing the activity inside the pen. You’ll never know from the moment you set out of the castle, something bad happen and you are not there to assess the injury right away.
    There are a lot of guidelines to be followed when hiring one if these, it is now up to you on how to make sure that your visitors will enjoy the inflatable while safety is on guard.

High Quality Billericay Bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles are by far the most entertaining unit or toy used for almost all party in UK today. Hence in Billericay Bouncy Castles, they are offering their product across Billeray and its surrounding towns as well such as inflatable hire in Bishops Stortford. But before deciding on which unit to use for your party, you have to assess the risk involved when getting one. Billericay Bouncy Castles has a detailed risk assessment which is benefecial to you as a user of one of our products. Some risk assessments are enumerated below:

  • The proper selection of the right and proper area or site for the bouncy castle. This includes the measurement of the additional space where the castle will be cushioned firm to the ground along with the accessories that goes along with it.
  • The Billericay Bouncy Castles will perform an inspection of the bouncy castle ensuring the safety use of the unit and will inform you in how to go about it so you will get an idea on how safe it can be.
  • The inflation of the castle as well as the mooring should also be discussed part by part. There should be a strong anchorage pegs when using a bouncy castle for outdoors use.
  • There should be a proper or right recommendation on the maximum number and the allowable load that can safely accommodate the children on the castle. The age, the number of children and the allowable weight should also be discussed upon.

Finding the Best Bouncy Castles in Billericay

There are advices needed for the proper use of these bouncy castles. Not only the birthday celebrant will be the prior attendee on the bouncer but her friends as well and sometimes some adults are present on the bouncer as well. Thus there are perimeter barriers set up for the bouncy castle for it to be deemed safe. Bouncy Castles in Billericay makes sure that all of its units adhere to all these safety guides. And for the cases of wet or windy weather, the bouncy castle should be firmly set to the ground with the ropes properly secured for it not to fall down.