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Bouncy Castle Hire Sawbridgeworth

When installing a Bouncy Castle Hire Sawbridgeworth, there are guides to follow to prevent any undesirable problems from happening, some of the important facts are enumerated below:

  1. Locate the most appropriate level where to erect the bouncy castle. It is best to position them on a smooth level however if you cannot find an even level, you have to place a concrete groundsheet under the unit before inflating it.
  2. Clean up the space or area where the bouncy castle will be set up. Clear it up from any sticks, stones or any sharp items that may somehow pierce some holes through the bouncy.
  3. Unroll, unfold and spread them as much as you can and evenly position them until you get the proper angle of the unit.
  4. Properly connect the blower through the inlet tube located at the back of the inflatable and properly secure them with a rope.
  5. Tie tightly the deflation tubes located at the back of the bouncy castle. This is the smaller tube other than the inlet tube.

The ones enumerated are the first things to consider when trying setting up a bouncy castle. There are still continuations to this lists which will be discussed further on the next articles.

Inflatable Hire Sawbridgeworth

Sawbridgeworth is a beautiful town and Inflatable Hire Sawbridgeworth aids this town in making it at par with the latest trend in the market in the form of inflatable industry. Almost every children’s party you have attended, you must have noticed their centerpiece. The inflatable acts as a main centerpiece for almost all party there is nowadays, whether it’s a party needing fun bouncy castles in Maldon or Sawbridgeworth Hence it is but right that you should know how this centerpiece actually works. We will start on the unit’s proper set up starting from the accessories needed for the unit to work properly.

  1. Plug the power cable properly into the extension socket. From here you can switch on the blower and let the inflatable castle to get some air. Usually it takes around two minutes for the castle to be fully inflated. And as a safety reminder, you have to make sure that no children are present while inflating is ongoing. Once the castle is fully inflated, make sure then that the blower keeps on running while the inflatable castle is in use.
  2. If the inflatable is erected outdoors, it must be anchored using its anchor pegs around its base. Tie the rope properly on the anchor point loops through the anchor ropes. The castle must be properly situated to the ground so it will keep standing even with harsh applications of wind that may arise.
  3. If you use the inflatable inside your home, you have to make sure that safety mats be placed at the corners and the front of the castle to prevent any injuries if any cases the children might fall out from the castle.
    Here are just few things to look after when using an inflatable as there are more things to consider when it comes to safety use of such unit.

Sawbridgeworth Bouncy Castle Hire Online

Sawbridgeworth Bouncy Castle Hire is the best in the entertainment industry offering their products with so much variety to choose from. They offer their products at the best value of your money. Hence hiring them will truly give some color to your event. The Sawbridgeworth Bouncy Castle Hire will deliver their products to you, will set it up and will put it down after the event. The company will also make sure that proper safety has been rounded up before leaving you the unit. Some of the things they do is they regulate the motor giving power to the castle. They make sure that the bouncy castle is properly working with an adequate air. Browse our extensive range of products today from our inflatable hire products in Basildon to our bouncy castles in Sawbridgeworth.

Why Do I Need Bouncy Castle Hire in Sawbridgeworth?

Bouncy Castle Hire in Sawbridgeworth makes sure that their unit is properly suited up for any use before giving them out to their clients. Hence a lot of safety measures have been rounded from their unit like checking of their electrical cables. Checking them if they are laid properly along the garden where it is hidden out of children’s way and that they are fully protected from damages of fire or water. If any accidents will occur, the bouncy castle themed party will no longer be a fantasy like party but a nightmare instead. Thus proper use and safety precautions must be laid down first before hiring one.