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Soft Play Hire Essex

We’re always concerned what our children are up to when they go out. No matter how old they are. Children can be notoriously active; climbing trees, play fighting and running all over the place. And that’s just the girls. You can contain the chaos with a range of different products from our fun soft play hire. Bouncy castles, inflatable obstacle courses, blow up sumo wrestling kits. We’ve got the whole caboodle. So whether your child is two or turning twenty, you can rest assured that they will be safe if they are having inflatable fun with soft play hire in Essex.

Essex Soft Play Hire

Of course, children will be children, so a certain extent of supervision is required, but ultimately as long as they steer clear from bouncing near the edges of a castle, the worst thing you can fall on is a soft cushion of air. Not too bad eh?
We believe that bouncy castles are for everyone (although a hip replacement might slow you down), and as such, we supply safe soft play hire for a wide range of different events. Tenth birthday party? Perfect. Eighteenth birthday party? Just as good. Bachelor party? Sure. Wedding? Why not. Retirement party. Sure, just remember to take it easy!

We even provide soft play hire in Essex for a range of specifically adult targeted activities, such as team building weekends. Because nothing says “let’s work better together” like large inflatable obstacle courses.

But seriously, nothing does. Our range of different soft play games for hire give work mates and colleagues a chance to break down that wall of professionalism and offers an opportunity to really bond. And it isn’t just for social improvements in the workspace. Some of our games really promote the need to work together to achieve goals. It supports the idea of praise and even tactical team play. I bet you never knew large inflatable toys were so versatile, did you?

Soft Play Party Hire in Essex

I bet you never really realised how much fun a bouncy castle could be as an adult. I bet you never considered just hiring a bouncy castle or an inflatable sumo wrestling kit for a midsummer barbecue party. So why not? Why not hire soft play in Essex? Breathe some adventure back into your life, you see, ultimately bouncy castles, inflatable toys and obstacle courses aren’t just for kids; they are for fun.