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Bouncy Castle Hire Southend on Sea

Bouncy castle can now be found in Southend on Sea, as they are now made available due to popular demands. They can be purchased and be rented for any occasions. They come in different variations from styles and sizes whether for commercial use or for recreational use at home, whether you need premium inflatable hire in Colchester or in Southend on Sea.And since there are a number of bouncy castles available in the market for purchase or hire, you have to be accustomed first with the types of bouncy castle for you to be able to decide which one to go for. Bouncy Castle Hire Southend on Sea has the best in the market as it offers the best quality and the latest designs of such product.

Inflatable Hire Southend on Sea

When renting an inflatable castle, you have to know what type of castle you want to get as there are types of inflatable castle and they differ in their utilisation. Inflatable Hire Southend on Sea has three classifications of its inflatables, they can be used as commercial, for residential or for children.

Commercial. These castles are usually found at a private social gathering. They are the biggest in size of the inflatable castle which ranges from ten to fifteen feet plus their base width. But despite their big size you can still get them from Inflatable Hire Southend on Sea.

Residential. Residential inflatable castle are famously called garden bouncy castles since they are used as a recreation in a garden. They are smaller than commercial ones with a base width ranging from five feet to ten feet.
Children. Children inflatable are by far the most popular that is sought after by parents for their children’s fun and entertainment. These are the smallest variety of inflatable compared to the other two. They come in sizes of five to six feet width bases. This is the most affordable inflatable castle that can be hired and is suitable for children under the age of ten.

High Quality Bouncy Castles in Southend on Sea

Bouncy castle are made for fun and entertainment therefore before getting or hiring one, you have to consider some options first to be able to get the full fun impact a bouncy caste can give. It is not because you already have a bouncy castle, that is not enough there are still some accessories that you need in order for the bouncy to operate in full effect. These accessories and equipment are needed to also ensure safety when in use. Bouncy Castles in Southend on Sea have listed a few considerations to take into account before getting one.
Fan or Blower. For the bouncy castle to stay inflated you need this very important equipment. A constant of air is pumped through the shell of the bouncy since air naturally escapes from the small holes gaping from the bouncy castle material.

Generator. Generator is much needed when there is no source of electricity or power fueling up the castle. This is deemed as the safest power in supplying the air for the castle since it does not deal will direct or alternating current however, you have to check the generator before using it. As safe as it may be there are still chances that the generator is not in working condition thus safety checks should be done first before using it.

Ground Sheets, Crash Mats, Anchor Pegs, Carry Bag and Sack Truck are the rest of the list to consider first when getting one of these Bouncy Castles in Southend on Sea.

Where Should I Look For Inflatable Hire in Southend on Sea?

Inflatable castle or bouncy castle is the safer alternative when compared to trampoline. In inflatable castle, the amount of accessories available is vast and can only enhance the fun experience. Our affordable bouncy castle hire in Braintree, Southend and throughout Essex are great additions to any event. Southend on Sea Inflatable Hire will truly bring out the fun you are looking for. Southend on Sea Inflatable Hire does not only provide this fun and entertaining product, they also consider the safety factors of the inflatable as well as the equipment and accessories required for the inflatable to give the best and safe bouncy castle experience.